Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for Magnio?

The recommended age is 6 and up, but it can be used by children down to the age of 3 years. 

Where can Magnio be shipped to?

We are currently shipping Magnio to all countries in the world except Norway. Magnio is available for Norwegians here and on Vipps.

Where can I get Magnio in Norway?

 Multiple places! Click here to see which retailers in Norway that have our products. Norwegians can also order on Vipps by searching for ‘Magination’. 

Will magnets destroy my electronics?
You should keep magnets away from most electronics before you are certain that they can handle the magnetic field. Keep magnets away from credit cards and especially pacemakers!
What language is the manual in?

English, French, German and Norwegian. We wish to translate to multiple languages in the future. 

Where is Magnio made?

Magnio is made in China, which is also where the strong inner neodymium magnets are created.

Where is Magnio shipped from?

Magination is shipped from our Norwegian warehouse or manufacturer in China.

Does Magnio come with a board to use it on?

No, you don’t need a board to use Magnio! You can use it everywhere from your table or floor to your fridge. Some of the fun is to experiment with new places to use Magnio.

What types of magnets do you use?
Neodymium magnets, they are the strongest permanent magnets. 
How many people can use Magnio at the same time?

It depends on how many pieces you have in your set, but somewhere between 1-8 users can use Magnio at the same time. 

Do I have to be creative to use Magnio?

Not at all, you’ll have the manual explaining in detail how you can use Magnio! To be creative is an option, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself creating something brand new with Magnio!

Is it required to know basic physics/magnetism to use Magnio?

No, but we guarantee that you will after playing with the pieces for a little while.

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